M’Baye Niang interview

(SOURCE: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 13 July edition)

Full translation of an interview with M’Baye Niang in La Gazzetta on Sat 13 July, 2013.

Niang, what do you think of an eventual transfer?

“No, no. I do not want to leave – I want to stay at Milan 100%. And not only for the next year – I intend to remain as long as possible.”

Competition does not scare you?

“No, because in football this is something that is good. And then I can play equally well as a prima punta, a seconda punta or as a wide attacker. The competition makes you work harder.”

So that means that sometimes you have not worked as hard as you should have?

[Laughs] “No, I am always working. Of course, Allegri asks me to work hard, and with me he is very tough, but for a young player this is the right way.”

We can say that you have your head in place?

“I have learned that on the job I must act as a professional. It should not be the coach that comes to me to tell me what is right and what isn’t – I must understand it by myself.”

Other than the coach, who gives you the most advice?

“Balotelli, Boateng and Mexes. They care for me very much.”

Regarding Mario – you have a good relationship with him?

“I hear it said that he is an ‘awkward’ personality, but I disagree. He is a great player and it is easy to play together. However, I am working to become stronger than him.”

Have you already prepared a plan [of action, to get better than Balotelli]?

“I have to get better in my movements and tactically – in France you do not do this very much. I have to be honest – I don’t miss anything about French football.”

Do you have other objectives on the road to success?

“Play lots and score lots. To score as many goals as possible. Last season I was growing and had only one goal – next season I want more. I hope to do as El Shaarawy did last year.”

Apart from his [El Shaarawy’s] last months, we imagine?

“I played worse too – it was a question of fatigue.”

Without false starts, where can Milan finish next season?

“We hope to do better than Juventus. I think we are better, let’s see what happens.”


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