Matias Silvestre interview

(SOURCE: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 1 August edition)

Here is a translation of the full interview with Matias Silvestre, featured in the print edition of La Gazzetta today.

Last summer Milan had you in their sights.

“I recall when Adriano Galliani phoned me to welcome me. His words gave me an incredible boost.”

Allegri has also welcomed you well.

“I thank him too. I can only say that I am here to respond with actions. It is not the moment to make promises. I know full well that there is a high wall to climb, and I have no fear.”

Your no to Parma and Genoa seemed born from stubbornness.

“I had nothing against Parma and Genoa. I thank the two clubs for the attention they showed me, but I hoped for a high-level solution, and fortunately Milan remembered me. I could not hope for more.”

Inter have never seen the Silvestre that Catania and Palermo knew.

“Unfortunately it is true, but it all went wrong at the beginning. An injury affected my ritiro and when I returned maybe I forced my desire to put myself on show.”

And soon you had lost your position.

“The coach changed the formation and results arrived with the three-man defence. So for me it was an uphill struggle. But now I am reassured by the fact that play with four in defence, with a formation I prefer.”

Did you feel abandoned at Inter?

“I don’t want to find excuses – it was a bad season for everyone.”

In a team full of Argentines maybe you expected more solidarity?

“It was bad [the season]. That’s it.”

Did anything change with Mazzarri?

“I have not had the pleasure of knowing him.”

They were difficult months.

“Certainly. But fortunately my family was close and my agent always gave me courage.”

You trained separately in pre-season?

“Yes, with Schelotto. But I was well assisted. In fact, I worked hard in order to be ready. So now I feel good and I am anxious to start with Milan. If Allegri calls me soon…”

You will have No.26. Any particular reason?

“No, it’s random. It is better I think only of obtaining the confidence of the new club.”

Do you have any particular objectives? At Palermo and Catania you scored a lot of goals.

“I do not feel like making promises. At Inter, for example, I went close to scoring many times. But to me it seems more important to demonstrate my abilities as a defender.”

And if Allegri asks you to play full-back?

“I am available. If I it serves the good of the team, of course.”

How do you see the Milan defence?

“In the second half of the season the performance of this area was much improved. The duo of Mexes-Zapata works, but above all there is an excellent team spirit. This can be seen from outside and I am having positive feelings in that sense.”

Therefore your feeling for the rossoneri is already intense?

“I have always had a liking for these colours. Also a little regarding Nesta – my idol. In the final of the 2007 Intercontinental Cup I asked him to exchange shirts. I still keep it – I hope he keeps his too.”


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