Andrea Petagna interview

(SOURCE: La Gazzetta dello Sport Milano & Lombardia, 10 August edition)

Below is a short interview with Andrea Petagna that featured in today’s Milano & Lombardia edition of La Gazzetta.

Petagna, you are still at an age for youth football. You coach Inzaghi has never asked you to return home?

“He called me before I left for the tour with the first-team and wished me good luck. He told me that maybe he’ll wait for me for the Primavera Champions League.”

When Galliani said that you are the substitute for Pazzini for this part of the season, did you feel proud, or were you more concerned?

“I found a lot of pride. I try to take these opportunities in the best way – without feeling under pressure. I’m a kid and I have a lot to learn – all I need to do at the moment is work hard, take advantage of being close to many champions every day to get a little bit of experience.”

Galliani has also recently said that he considers you unsellable. Would it not be better for you in the next months to go to a team where you can play more?

“I am fine here and want to try to carve out a space here. I hope to stay at Milan for as long as possible. My teammates have welcomed me well, have encouraged me and given me advice when I am wrong. They have made me feel one of them and for this I have not suffered from the jump [from Primavera to the first-team]. There are many young players in this team, there is a beautiful atmosphere. And the relationship with Allegri is very good – I made my debut last year in the Champions League, and I will always be grateful.”

Who is the nicest in the group?

“At first I was close with Antonini and Nocerino, who have helped me a lot. Then the players from international duty arrived and I must say that, with regards to kindness, Balotelli beats them all.”

They say you are like a young Bobo Vieri. Do you agree?

“I can only say that my idol is Balotelli, and was already when he played at Manchester City. With regards to comparisons, maybe this one is easier and more ‘correct’ than the others.”

The strengths and weakness of Petagna the player?

“I must improve my right foot and above all shoot at goal more often – for an attacker I shoot too little. The left foot and my heading ability are my strengths.”

What type of kid is the 18-year-old Andrea Petagna?

“I am a cheerful type, positive, I adapt everywhere. I think that this side of my character has helped me so far and I hope that it will make me rise even higher.”


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